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Post & Pole Details:

Temporary Poles

Stocking Class 5- 25, 30, 35 & Class 3 - 40 ft

Regular Stock

Material is machine peeled to uniform diameter and texture.

Regular Stock Sanded

These Sanded poles are machine sanded up to 120 grit for baby smooth finish.

Regular Stock Hand Peeled

Offers the same uniform diameter with a more rustic, brighter look.

Rustic Poles "Barkie"

Are the lodgepole pine tree in its natural state with bark in tact or partially removed.

We measure from the butt, or the largest end, and there is approximately 1" of taper in every 10'.

Rustic Hand Peeled "Barkie"

Poles are skip peeled by hand with a draw knife to give the pole that natural rustic look.